Did Not Finish

A writers axiom states To write well, one must read more.  I don’t read enough, hence, I blog even less.  Even with the ideas that are swirling like autumn leaves, falling discarded to the ground.

It gets even better. I have a reading journal that tracks Start & Finish dates by title with room for a brief summary. Progress is tracked on an index card with dates & page numbers.Along the way, quotes are captured, thoughts to come back to are dots in the margin & page numbers at a back page.  Simple enough system that tracks & captures.  But only when it is used.

Yesterday, I finished David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell.  I perused the to be read stack and the Einstein book was selected. Then Deja Vu happened.  The words were already somewhat familiar. There were dots in the margin.  So a quandary occurred. The Start date had been recorded on an index card.   Blind obedience to any process is not the best use of time.   A new status was created – DNF for Did Not Finish.

It took time to get here.  It was not wasted time as I started a Quotes page over on Wicked Good HR to capture some AE quotes.


“Let every man judge according to his own standards, by what he has himself read, not what others have told him.” by Albert Einstein




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