Kite flying is a universal pleasure. Think back to your childhood.  Your father most likely held the kite while you ran,  or maybe did the running his self. Depending upon all of the variables, the kite either launched, spiraled into the ground, or otherwise floundered. Kite flying can be a sturdy display of performance art.

It seems to me that the toy kites & balsa wood airplanes for that matter, that we grew up with as kids, may be a thing of the past. I say this because they are no longer on display at grocery or neighborhood convenience stores. That’s sad.

My favorite kite growing up was a level above the disposable dime store kite. Instead of being paper, itwas a more sturdy lightweight canvas/plastic fabdicate. . And could that kite fly!  It would effortlessly lift two spools of string to sky. It became disposable when the family was transferred hom at the end of my father’s military career.  Since then, there have been some other kites. But they  were most likely sacrificed during another military transfer.

Kite flying is inspirational because our eyes lift up to the sky. So often, we live with our eyes cast downward, watching our step, watching where we are going & not so much, consciously looking upward. Looking downward drags our moods in the same direction.

The sky is always there. Look upward & in the words of Robert & Richard Sherman and the voice of Mary Poppin’s;

Let’s go fly a kite
Up to the highest height
Let’s go fl a kite and send it soaring.




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