Plan B

Plan A – hike the Telephone Trail – above Sabino Canyon did not work out well at all. The intent was to park, take the tram to the top & hike the four miles back down. Only there was no parking. At all. No satellite parking.  No parking at the nearby public school. This was an omen to be somewhere else, but where?

I drove west towards Catalina State Park, staying up as close as the roads would take me along the Catalina Mointain Range above Tucson, Arizona. Then there was another omen. This time a sign that said Ventana Canyon trailhead. (Along the way into town the day before, I had pointed out that area as an awesome hike opportunity.).

Up the road parked and read the signs. Ventana Canyon to Maiden Pools- 2.4 miles. The first mile is a fifteen foot corridor across private property. That is more than gracious & certainly wide enough for access to the public lands landlocked behind.

As a solo hike, I enjoy the silence of solitude, with brief exchanges of greetings with fellow hikers, and nods to the trail runners. Behind me, there was a camp counselor with a cluster of youth, jabbering all the way along. I lengthened my stride to seek silence. Then at a dry creek crossing, I paused to allow  other hikers pass first. It’s a trail etiquette thing. The jabbering hikers pushed, oblivious to trail etiquette.

Now I was trapped behind. Various efforts were made to pause, but the natural rhythm of my stride kept catching me up. And jibber was approaching from the rear. This group was most likely a walking therapy session, ” now that you have these tools, how will things be different…?

At the next stream crossing, jibber paused & Jibber-Jab faded into silence. The trail was modestly rugged & the rugged scenery was awesome. The broad canyon sides soared to steeping ramparts. Green lucious vegetation along the seeping streambed.

An active crows nest And a

lone cactus, nearly a cross.

After an hour, I turned around at the lower pool (dry) and returned towards Tucson.   I will be back, not sure when yet. This time to go all the way to the arch/window at the top. NNNNN


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