Now From Ogunquit 


The 2015 travels continue. Last month was Tucson, Arizona. Next month is Rockport, Maine.  And this weekend is Ogunquit, Maine.


This statue is on the grounds of Ogunguit’s Museum of American Art. There is no current exhibit taking place, but per their website there will be a Winslow Homer exhibit this summer. We went there for the Patriots Day festival flea market & safely escaped with our cash balance intact.  The entrance to Perkins Cove is partially visible to the left.

Friday started with scheduled towing baseplate installation at an RV dealership over in Conway, NH. The other half spent her day off engaged in IT system skirmishes. After getting back fro my roadtrip, I checked into work & got the good news that an employee benefit dispute had been favorably resolved.  I packed, <more on that next>, we loaded & scurried south.

Packing-two critical failures.  One: the primary camera battery charger. Two: the alleged fully charged battery is bad as it will not hold a charge. Three: the SD card reader to iPad adaptor. Lesson always take battery charges, even for any trip out of town.

“There are three kinds of people in the world. Those that can count & those that won’t [sic].” Anonymous

Marginal Way sunrise – taken & processed on an iPhone 5.  The walk started early at predawn, strolled nearly from one end to the other. Some clouds would have been a nice visual enhancement.

Dining around town included the greater touchstones of Barnacle Billy’s @ Perkins Cove & Jonathon’s for a dinner  & show – comedian Kathleen Madigan. Both deserving of return visits.  The Hidden Cove brewery no longer does lunch, but is worth going back to for tastings. Lesser touchstones for breakfast & lunch – further exploration required.

Overall, a casual preseason exploration.

To be continued.



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