GETAWAY is our land yacht.  A 2008 Winnebago Destination, Diesel Pusher, 39 feet long, Freightliner XC chassis.

Its been a busy preseason and we haven’t gone anywhere yet. But will soon. This will be our first full season.

So far, the 2015 Subaru Forester has had a base plate installed to configure it for flat towing.  This was done by an authorized dealer over in Conway, New Hampshire.  The existing bumper core was removed, the base plate installed and a wiring harness configured for cruising and signal lights.  Also, a supplemental brake system was  purchased.   User Acceptance Testing was scheduled for a last weekend. But other events transpired. $,$$$.$$

Specifically, the chassis batteries failed and were replaced. AKA the engine wouldn’t start. Lessons learned include:

  • The chassis battery status is not monitored on the coach systems monitoring panel
  • The chassis battery is not concurrently charged when shore power is connected.
  • The only way to check the chassis battery status is with a voltmeter (I already have one)
  • The chassis battery is only charged when the engine is running
  • I will condition charge the batteries once a month while it is parked here and the conditioner charger is part of the load list
  • A Trik-L-Charger will be purchased and installed so that the battery can be trickle charged from the coach charging system.
  • The roof top solar panel is only for the coach batteries

Three trips to various places to purchase battery cleaning supplies (when I thought I could get by with only recharging the batteries), back to the same store to buy the last two nearly equivalent batteries, [nearly equivalent means the terminals were not compatible), and a trip to a marine supply store to buy forty dollars worth of battery connection clamps, sold in sets of two different sizes, and only half of the set was necessary.   Started and check ride. What a wonderful Mothers Day. $$$.$$

Delivered GETAWAY to commercial truck center for what started to be only an oil change and annual state inspection. The list then expanded to fixing the front AC and several other minor details. Need to learn self reliance on the simpler things. $,$$$.$$

Yesterday was spent doing system checks.

Started with annual water system sanitation. Procedure includes removing water filter and using the space to add chlorine bleach. Turns out the precious owner removed & bypassed the water filter. Alternative procedure, double rinse. One sink faucet does not work. Pulled off the aerator and found it clogged with small gravelly debris.  Repeated at the other faucet, and dumped out a small beach. Possible related to missing water filter.

Most other systems checked out at NASA nominal. Generator starts, but no voltage supplied to coach. Turns out the 30 A output breaker on the generator was in the off position.  Fridge & freezer cooling, gas flames at stove burner, hot water for showers, one coach light out of service. Vacuumed to clean.

What’s left before the pending road trip:

  • Condition charge the chassis batteries
  • UAT the vehicle towing
  • Top off the fuel tank
  • Start the log book – actually a numbers spreadsheet on an iPad
  • Trik-L-Charge order
  • Hot water plug leak
  • Stop typing and get doing
  • Vehicle registration
  • Wash all windows
  • Wash’n’wax coach



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