Lateral Acceleration


As borrowed from Points East August 2015, “Getting in Slomo’s ‘zone’ at sea by David Roper. 

But right now I am really experiencing lateral acceleration, and it makes me feel good….OK, I just love sailing. And I think it’s greatly enhanced by this lateral acceleration. You see, acceleration stimulates a set of receptors in the inner ear that connects us with the center of the earth, by gravity. A piece of calcium sits on a membrane so that any change in the relative position of gravity will make this stone roll, and, therefore, there will be some indication that the body is moving relative to the center of the earth.

This speaks to the sensation of exhilaration and the naturalness of being in the zone. The zone comes on by itself, desired but never be forced.  Life’s motion is now effortless. The sensation of time vanishes.  For just awhile, we are One with the silent All. 

The character in the article mentions this NY TIimes video, Slomo Video, as a companion example of the natural joy of lateral acceleration. 

Do what you want to & release your inner Slomo. 



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