The Camel in Maine

Welcome to another edition of the GetAway chronicles. GetAway is our 2008 Winnebagoe Destination Claa A motor home. GETAWAY is on the license plate.  We have owned GA for a year now & have steadily getting more used to the various systems. This trip is the final Proof of Concept trip before the next PoC trip. 

The purpose of this trip is to Dry Camp. Dry camping means without taking advantage of access to shore power, water, and convenient dump station access. This significantly broadens where one can stay while not being beholden to luxuries of power, water & sewer. Fully self contained within the confines of the coach/chassis systems. (CoaChassis) The key components to this mode of operation include battery charging, onboard generator and an inverter for running silently through the night during quiet hours.  Not much different than camels crossing the desert with long stretches between oasis’s. 

This is actually the second PoC trip for testing Dry Camping. Earlier this summer, I went solo down to Winslow Park.   That solo trip didn’t work out as planned. But it was the first trip where Smoke went along. Smoke, a 2015 Subaru Forester-with a manual transmission, is our toad. 

Last weekend, we did an in driveway test of the inverter. Shore power was disconnected. The inverter switched on, and a light load was applied. 24 hours later, the coach batteries were still above the one-third power level. Confidence built and it was time to Go Live. 

Winslow Park was again the chosen destination and reservations made. We got the last questionable RV site. The site approach road was narrow, clogged with cars, and a chainsaw would be needed to make the site RV usable. A wee bit to narrow and there was low interest in unexpected parking PoC adventure. Too bad, as a photographer, I was looking forward to some Blue Moon Rising Over Casco Bay photography. 

Plan B, find somewhere else. Somewhere else turned out to be the Desert of Maine Campground. A very worthy alternative with true RV padded sites & a strong WiFi signal.  The added advantage of here is backup shore power. The power connection was made. The circuit breaker remains turned off.  The coach is now running on battery/inverter power. 

Weather conditions, beyond warm. The site is fully shaded with mature trees. All windows were opened. Both small fans turned on. Then we sat outside until the bug insurrection became unbearable. 

Fourteen hours later, the coach power is above 2/3s. Later on today, sunlight may get to the solar power panel for some charging. The generator is an alternative.  Or the circuit breaker can be switched on. PoC successful. 

Oh, there was one brief, self inflicted, power outage caused by trying to make a cup of KCup coffee. That was the last straw that broke this camel’s back. 

Maybe it is time to briefly flip the circuit breaker, or start the generator. 

The next PoC is a multiple day/destination road trip.  

As always, stay tuned. 



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