Winslow Park

First solo trip and not to primary destination of Seaview Campground in Eastport, Maine. Instead I am at Winslow Park Campground in Freeport, Maine. This is the plan B, consolation destination. I still have a bay side site with views of islands, once the fog burns away.

The purpose of this trip is to assess the coach/chassis capabilities for the dry camping experience.

Only it didn’t work out the way needed. The inverter would not turn on. The manuals were dragged out, poured over and the first thing to test was the fusible links in the connection to the back side of the inverter. The electrical cabin was opened and I sighed. Taking the inverter out was more than I wanted to deal with on site. Instead, this needed to be an at home job.

Once a home, before yanking the inverter out, I decided to trace the wiring connection from the battery cabinet. The problem was immediately evident. The inverter cable was not connected at all. Instead, it was tucked out of sight behind the batteries.

So simple.

So hidden.


Once connected, it works as designed.

Note to Reader: this blog posting was found stuck in the drafts while drafting The Camel in Maine.

Stay Tuned.


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