Vacation Starts Now

I’ve been moored to my desk for too long. So long, that I call my office my daily cell of productivity. It’s not the really that bad, but the need for a brief escape can no longer be denied.

Without dwelling at all on missed & denied opportunities, & looking only forward, vacation officially started about an hour ago. Departure is not until tomorrow. Between now & then is mostly downtime for the self, to ease into & towards determined relaxation.

There are few rules, but one absolute; as much as practically possible, I will be entering a news free bubble. There is no need to pretend to relax about a certain presidential candidate’s transparent disingenuous diversions about unethical cyber hyjinks,  the Trumped up conservative candidate, or global markets in a roller coaster ride tailspin. How do I really feel?!

Instead of the manufactured turbulence, we will be on a serene ten day RV Road Trip. Serene enough for plenty of downtime for reading, writing, waterfalls, wine tasting, and of course, photography.

Release the spirit & let it soar unfettered.



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