Rites of Passage


We are now on the road!  The first day was nearly uneventful, while including necessary learning events. 

The chosen route was down the Maine Turnpike into New Hampshire. Then across NH and onto I495 across and over to the Mass Pike for points west. The traffic was steady but not always throbbing with chaotic congestion. There were two instances of being sharply cutoff by JAHs <derogatory term>, take a deep breath, sound long horn blast, plan for air horn and move on forward with deliberate calmness. 

 We are using a Rand McNally GPS paired with The Good Sams online trip planning tool. Having used a variety of GPSs for years, certain assumptions were made. But, when a trip is planned to the extent that the GS tool does, certain othe nuances must be considered. In this case, the stops, once achieved have to be skipped in order for the GPS to advance routing directions to the next stop. IF the current stop, once bypassed is not advanced, then the GPS will obsessively redirect back to the current stop. Now we know. This caused some frustration, two rest stops, and into a rite of passage. 

As we closed in towards the final stop, we wanted to deviate from the route. The GPS wanted one route, the campground advised a different route.  The GPS route was followed. All was going well, until the GPS signal dropped briefly in an urban area. Thus we missed an essential turn when the turn guidance dropped from 0.4 miles to RIGHT NOW. so we started following the redirects through streets that we barely had any business being on. One particular right turn turned critical as we nearly took a stop sign out with the towed vehicle. That was only a warning of the unknown. 

Here comes the Rite of Passage. 

After that, the route turned reasonable until the POSTED BRIDGE AHEAD warning went off.   Yikes! We took the next right onto an even lesser road. iPhone & iPad map apps were reviewed and there seemed to be a way around. Mind you, we were five minutes from the campground. The lesser road became even less. There was a bridge, not posted, and a trail of a road on the other side. Fortunately, there was a facility where we could turn around. After unhooking the car, backing the RV up, hooking every thing back up. It was muggy. We got turned around and used an iPad to get to the campsite.   Sigh & Whew. 

The day ended with a roadhouse diner on MA Route 66. After that, the featured presentation was a viewing of Robin Williams, RV.

Yes, we got our kicks on Route 66. 


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