The Road Not Taken

RV Road Trip Day II ~ the adventure continues.

This is the second day of just traveling. Destination: Watkins Glenn in New York’s Finger Lakes Region. Campground exit was a non event. Got onto the Mass Pike westbound and we’re going up the long slog to a highest point at 1,724 ASL. The next higher point, by five feet is in South Dakota. We won’t be going there – this trip.

The New York thruway was a pleasant steady drive, set the cruise control and enjoyed the cooperative ebb & flow of traffic. Then we deviated from planned intentions by not exiting for a planned fuel stop. Unplanned deviations have consequences. The new intention was to stay on the thruway and fuel up at one of the rest stop / service areas.


We pulled in, parked & had lunch first. Then a took a walk to stretch the legs & reconnoiter the refueling station. Only I didn’t walk far enough. I turned around when the roadside fuel price sign showed red for the gas price with no companion green for the diesel price. I should have walked father to find the singular unmarked & unused fuel pump. Which we saw while exiting.
The next exit was taken. The toll attendant gave good advice while collecting two Jacksons. He must have forgotten the form where I would have a choice of bridges to have named after GetAway – (another story to be told). Then it got interesting.
We took the left turn into the diesel pumps only to find the directional arrows pointing against us. Options included another toad disconnect operation. Sometimes the best way out is through. We cautiously drove through the pumps, behind the building, and exited to find a turnaround. Thankfully, there was no oncoming traffic, only one commercial truck as we exited. The turnaround was executed without incident a drugstore parking lot across the street.
Fuel & back on the road. To be noted, off thruway fuel pricing is $0.20 less per gallon than alleged competitive to local pricing on fuel way pricing.

The drive through Geneva, along the western shore of Lake Seneca and into Watkins Glen was fabulous. Straight wide roads, stunning vistas & enticing vineyards. Watkins Glen is like many other similar tourist destinations – compact, congested & polite cooperation. The GPS demons indicated a right turn just beyond Watkins Glen State Park.

The first thing immediately seen was a low clearance warning – 11′ 5″. GetAway’s minimum clearance is technically, 12′ 4″ with more preferred to allow for dips. A flawless emergency exit into the adjacent corner convenience store/ gas station was miraculously executed. Once again, iPads were activated and an alternative preferred route was identified. The exit back into traffic was a wee bit intensive with precise sharp turnings. Once again, traffic was cooperative with only the right side of the toad going over the sidewalk curb.

The last picture is taken from our Subaru Forester during an after action review tour.

After setting up camp, we started the Wineries & Waterfalls tour.

So here we are in Watkins Glen for the next several days of wineries, waterfalls and a visit to the racetrack.
Stay tuned & thank you for reading.



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