Ditch Diggers

New Yorkers dug a lot of ditches on their way to prosperity.   The first ditch was the east to west Erie Canal. The picture above is the Flight of Five locks in Lockport. These unique series of locks were necessary to gain the elevation for the canal to rise up to and through the Niagara Escarpment. (Sort of the Mogolom Rim of the east.)

In 1807, the idea for the canal originated with planning taking ten more years. It opened in 1825. Construction was state funded. It was fully paid for in seven years through a system of tolls, fees & assessments.

Erie Canal dot org is a good site to read more about.

Another New York Big Dig project is the hydroelectric Niagara Power Plant.   Large buried conduits, upstream from Niagara Falls divert water towards the power plant. Through a treaty with Canada, up to one-half of the flow is redirected. (Kind of half to wonder how vigorous the waterfalls would be otherwise).

This diverted water is has two destinations. One goes through the power plant. The other, water is pumped into a reservoir & stored for later use.

Canadian power to the left – American power to the right

Flow returned to the Niagara River

full size turbine

Tuesday was a modest day out & about. The weather was way hotter than necessary. So despite all the ditches of cooling water, we retreated into cooler climes.

Wednesday was a day trip to Rochester to visit the George Eastman House & Museum of Film & Photograpy, with a drive along shore of Lake Ontario.
Stay Tuned.


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