humanae opes

humanae opus is Latin for Human Resources, affectionately abbreviated HR. 

From the Daily Post Prompt, When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you now? Are the two connected?

I wanted to be an astronaut, pretty much like any child who grew up watching the Gemini, Apollo & Skylab missions become the Space Shuttle. Now I am a photographer with my daytime job of being a business professional working in human resources. 

As a young man, I was a voracious consumer of all things space & that flew. Kites, Estes Rockets, plastic model rocket kits,  books about the Air Force & then finally books about Ham Radio. By 1973, I was a licensed Novice Class Amateur Radio Operator — popularly known as Ham Radio – abbreviated as HR. 

Ham Radio eventually led to a 21 year Air Force career. My enlistment contract included a guaranteed job as a 304X4 Ground Radio Equipment Repairman. My first assignment was working heavy HF in Turkey. Then I went underground while heading for space. I was assigned to a SAC Titan II ICBM wing. The Titan II rocket was the same launch platform as the Genimi Space missions. After that othe assignments included Minuteman II & III, and Peacekeeper ICBM weapon systems. Temporary duty assignments to Vandenburg, where a Space Shuttle launch complex was being built out of the modified MOLE launch complex. This was as close as my career would brush space. 



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