Off We Go


into a wild blue yonder. It is time, once again, for a brief escape from winter.  

It is now the next day.  Yesterday’s flights were absolutely, well nearly, drama free.  The only episode of note is when the flight crew pages for any medical personnel to assist a passenger who isn’t feeling well. The primitive brain immediately leaps to primal thoughts of diverted flights and missed connections. Nothing else was heard and the plane flew on.

Sitting here on the fifth floor waiting for dawn.  The outside temp is 44 degrees, back home, it is minus seven.  Brrr.

Try as I might to make this vacation a bubble from the news.  It intrudes anyways.  FB posting and email alerts.  Ignore the FB and delete the emails.  Perhaps it is time to have another ongoing bout of unsubcriptions.

A tequila sunrise is in progress. No clouds to add flair to the start of the day.  So I will leave with this shot taken so after taking off.

Be Well Today.



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