Depth of feel

The day that is gray or grey when you thought it could be more in focus than out of touch. 

Disappointment. False hopes spring out of touch with whatever reality the hopeful voice in your head said. 

Try not to be disappointed or create disappointment for others.  The world is what we create.  What has disappointed me in 2016 is that my writing with light and words has ebbed 

The disappointment extends to learning & problem solving with intention.  The web has trained the brain to be more rapid, perhaps even rabid.  Speed is shallow. Shallow is without the depth that comes through reflection.  Speed is wasteful.  

Case in point, after a year with this iPad, this is the third and now final case/keyboard.  The first one was bought with iPad, sold at the Apple Store and had a shallow tray that almost held the iPad in position when in reality the iPad was always falling out.  The second one seemed better, but was made out of plastic which only briefly delays obsolence.

This new keyboard will be the last keyboard.  It is a BrydgeAir. It did cost a wee bit more than its disposable predecessors and is worth every penny.  The price includes shipping and handling. The shipping delivery time seems to based on ground time. In reality, it came second day air.  It was ordered last Sunday night and was in use Wednesday evening. What makes it great?  It is easy to use, stable and visually appealing.  As one online reviewer, perhaps the WSJ one, this is the keyboard that Apple should be selling as an iPad accessory.

So, it took three trials to get once done right. That is one shade of grey disappointment.  

Back the reading and writing with words and light.  When I’m writing and/or typing, each word persists in the consciousness for the length of time it takes for that word to become fully formed. Reading needs to slow down to the same rate.  Not letter per letter per se, but savor the author’s deliberately word selection and placement.  As this habit is formed through practice, thinking will become clearer.  Then, perhaps, more can be done right by full thinking v skimmed thought. 



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