Reach For It


Reach For It


Life is defined by Obstacles.  Take this squirrel, the floating scoop in the bird bath, and the goose decoy overlooking the scene of the obstacle. The squirrel’s current obstacle is overcoming hunger, having to forage for food in the forest, and a playful human who sets up the challenge.

Obstacles are both abstract and concrete. Usually somewhere on a continuum between the extremes of reality & fantasy.  The squirrel knows none of this. Hunger, food & reach.  Simple survival.

Life is won when the boundaries of obstacles are exceeded. Real, imagined and created.  A life lived isn’t lived only at the lowest level. There are climbs up & slide downs. All it takes is discipline, willpower & desire.

What about hard limits?  The one faced right now by wanting to write until quality is achieved.  Only it takes effort, practice and commitment.  Best intentions mean nothing. The DailyPost  can develop the thinking through and to writing habit.  But it needs to become more than just a declared habit.

Writing is typically a solitary activity, done without the distractions of necessary daily living.  Thus said, early mornings are best, later evenings adequate.

The squirrel, using imaginative instinct, pulled the floating scoop to the side of the birdbath.  Now, a meal can be consumed without getting his feet wet.

So, instead of rampaging against obstacles, silent the primal mind, center the self, and use your own instinctive imagination.  Then, you can keep your feet dry.


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