Framed Vision


This picture was taken on Mothers Day 2016 @ Pemaquid Point, Maine.  A space that we come back to connect to the sea. It was a cold blustery raw spring day to come here to eat Lobster Rolls from Reds.  But we did it anyways.  Our vision was of a pleasant spring day on the coast.

Our vision is framed by expectations that are built on past memories. As I’m typing this, the lower half of the picture seems to present a Wyeth theme.  Experiences also frame our vision.

The bottom two rows are yesterday.  A mixture of silent stone ledge and green growth.  The stone ledge tells us that yesterday is an unchanging rock solid ledge.  Permanent. The patches of grass are reminders that even within the permanence of the past growth is possible.  There are always more yesterdays behind us, today and tomorrow are only abstract hopes.   Everyday becomes yesterday.  Today never becomes tomorrow.

The third row from the bottom is today.  The waves of each moment smash against bedrock. This is the transition from the bedrock of yesterday, the fluidity of the unknown of today, and the vague gray of tomorrow.

Tomorrow is featureless gray.  There are shades of hopes, promises, desires  & commitments that will or may not happen.

Everyday is yesterday’s tomorrow. Today is tomorrow’s yesterday.



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