After All 

GetAway at Winslow Park, Freeport, Maine

We’re back again.

This year’s preseason had it’s challenge to work through.  Specifically, a low pressure alarm that kept us off the road until researched and resolved.   Resolution included taking the dash apart, resetting some wiring harnesses, tiptoe’ing out for road tests, both without then with the dashboard reinstallation, all fortunately successful. Even then, the short trip down to here had its dwellings on trepidation. But we are here, back again.

Here is Winslow Park, Freeport, Maine. We have a front row bays side site overlooking Casco Bay.  The tidal range here averages around 11 feet.   So we have deeper water twice daily. In between, there are mud flats and mussel shoals.  As I type this, I think the tide is coming back in. 

The view from the coach.  

This is a a dry campground. No water, electric or sewer service.  Generator use is restricted to three 2-hour sessions.  That makes this a good confidence building opportunity for us & the whole boondockinng’esque experience.  We are doing fine and there are ways to do better.

Shakedown trips answer the question, what did we forget?  So far, the broom.  The windshield washer and squeegee make a convenient suitable substitution. Saturday night dinner is foilpack’s on the grill. The aluminum foil is still at the store?

Zeus OS, our beloved yellow Labrador retriever,  is with us, of course.  He provides comfort with his presence and delight with other campers.  Two young preschool girls are our neighbors to the right.  They came over to pet & lay on Zeus. His demeanor was absolute gentleness.   Our morning walk included the splendor of silent solitude.   

The day ahead?  Serenity through relaxation.  


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