Now You See It

Now you don’t.

These are both pictures of Crab Island in Casco Bay, Maine. Crab Island lies off the entrance to South Freeport Harbor.  Back in the 70s, my grandparents would take the cousins out fishing and beyond on Casco Bay.  Mostly mackerel by the barrel, pollock hooked for bait, sometimes dogfish for garden fertilizer, occasionally cod and bluefish.   Back then, Crab Island had three distinct features, a house, a tree, and a flagpole. Times have changed. 

What will never change is ocean fog banks in warm summer weather. Saturday started out cloudy, that dissipated into mixed sunshine which warmed up the air, then the fog bank developed off shore and crept inland, eating islands from visibility.  

This shakedown cruise will come to an end later this morning. A wad of rain will be here by midday.  By then, GetAway will be home, safely parked at Thor’s Hill ~ home to the Maine Forest Cafe. Yes, we name our stuff, places and things. 

In two weeks, we will be RVing on the other side of Maine, in the Western Maine Mountains, a handful of miles away from the Canadian border. 

Stay Tuned. 


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