If you look hard enough…

…you can almost see the waif wizard in the sky.  The blown highlights outline the pointed beard while the wisping wind obscures the face, eyes, nose and forehead. The flowing flying robe is predominant to the left and trailing to the right. 

As the wind further blows the first sighting into less.  This was a quick snapshot with the iPad, not my typical lens or device.  Admittedly, I was stumped for the moment before I could figure out how to even capture the image. 

The sky is always there, always above, forever present. As I continue to watch between keystrokes, the wizard is higher going west hike lower clouds are shearing toward the east.  The surface breeze stirs on its own path. 

It is a cooling summer evening. The picture was taken through the rafters of the deconstructed porch.  Perhaps not having a roof anymore is not so bad. But hopefully, that will be changing soon. Then there will be more sky, less shelter and the sky will remain.  

From the house at the edge of the forest. 


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