Before, During & After

WARNING :  As the Safety Guy at work, I am keenly aware of the dangers of falling from any height.  The higher your feet are, the greater the consequences.  But RV roofs need at least annual cleaning then occasionally cleansing. This is a filthy roof.   It needs deep cleaning. To clean a roof, water to rinse and a soapy cleaning solution are needed. It could become desperately slippery.  So I don my rubber soled LLBean boots, grab a soft cleaning brush, and a long reach garden hose. The fear of the true meaning of the phrase, slippery when wet, is on my mind.

BEFORE: This is the extended view.  The lines are from drivng under a low branch during  last week’s shakedown cruise to Winslow Park.


The roof is halfway clean by now. This picture was taken by my son The Safety Observer.  My foot placement throughout the chore was deliberate. One if not both feet were intentionally placed at or near the center of the coach.  The long handled brush worked well to reach out to the edge.


The equipment. Garden hose, brush, mop bucket, safety observer. What is also seen in the picture is the boot prints. The coach is half done by now.  The filthy/clean line is stunning.



And now the AFTER shot. From filth through sudsy to clean/reflection.  It took maybe two hours start to finish.  I didn’t really track the the time.

That was Saturday’s chore. Today’s will be to reattach a trim piece from the recent front dash project / reset the signal cables to cure the low air pressure alarm.   The trim piece seemingly disappeared for awhile and was finaly found behind and under the couch.  From this project, the lower antenna hardware, always irksome, needs to be replaced as well.

The next project is to wash’n’wax the sides.  And that will be done after this week’s trip up to Cupsuptic Campground in the western Maine mountains.



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