This beast will be used to rebuild my road. This project is loonnngggg overdue.  We moved back to Maine seventeen years ago. The road was in rough shape then and suffered through decades of municipal neglect.  

But that is changing now. Our rural community now shares a professional road commissioner with a neighboring town.  The man has a plan and the future, built upon the past, will be better. 

But wait there is more.  The front porch rebuild. 

Due to best intentions, the porch failed last year from systemic failures.  Failure one, the house rim choice was used instead of a ledger board.  The duct work was installed in the attic with inadequate insulation.  This caused tremendous icicles to form, which eventually thawed fell onto the porch roof and started pushing it away from the house. 

This failure was not discovered until last fall. An insurance claim paid for repair. These funds subsidized needed complete rebuild The porch roof was taken down in early November.  Sometime soon after that, the attic insulation was upgraded from ankle to knee+ deep.  

Then the search was on for a contractor.  The first one, while verbally promising, vanished into silence. The second one has been ExcellenT to a T.   This picture was taken on Project Day Two.  Project Day Three as yesterday and included shingling the roof, replacing the posts and reinstalling the railings.  The project should be done today, but won’t be seen until Monday. We are on a scheduled RV extended weekend trip to beyond the western Maine mountains.

Rebuilding is necessary to correct oversights and neglects from the past. While no one ever intentionally neglects, malaise lingers on anyways.  The porch and the road are both being rebuilt using re-used materials. Both will be as good to if not better than before.  

What will you rebuild to improve?


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