The RV Dinette Project & side stories

This is the standard one size/style RV dinette. Very utilitarian. There is storage under the seats and it makes into a bed. HoHum. In all the years of RVing, I can’t think of any one time when anyone slumbered there. And the under seat storage was unpopular.

It was time for a new experience. The off season was spent researching, expectations clarification & sourcing. The order was replaced, delivery window was two to four weeks. Five weeks later a truck dropped off the large box.

Taking out the old dinette took about an hour – one unscrew after another. Soon the dinette was a pile of stuff in the garage.

The pile was a perfectly good dinette kit. An ad was placed on Craigslist and the pile moved on to its next RV.
Installation was straight. Screw the left and right sides down to the subfloor and a brace between the wall.

But a scheduled trip intervened and the table top would have to wait. We left on a Thursday for an Escapees RV Boot Camp over in Essex Junction, Vermont.

That trip turned challenging. The coach batteries felt neglected and descended through not working very well and into not working at all. The table top would have to wait for batteries replacement.

The new coach batteries are six volt deep cycle golf cart batteries. Hopefully good for the next several seasons or more.

So finally, the table top is now installed and it looks great!

It’s time to hit the road and enjoy the last half of the all to short season.



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