The Reunion Brisket 

Ready to go. Rubbed with Stubbs, injected with beef broth & a splash of apple cider vinegar and rested for about 36 hours.

The fire was lit by 4:30 and egg brought up to temperature.

The meat went on at 5:00 AM.

8:30 AM 2.5 hours in, the brisket internal temp is at 156. The egg temp is holding steady around 220sh. Picture & Stall pending.

9:30 AM.  Brisket at 160. Egg at 225.  Stall in progress.

10:30 Stall persists or progress?

First Look.

Noon update:  Brisket @ 172. Egg @ 234.  Two more hours?   Should it be wrapped in aluminum foil or go for the meteor finish?

My briskets are always Lab certified.

The real stall at 171 lasted nearly two hours. Then it finished cooking to 190 @ ten hours.

There were no leftovers.

The end.


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