Eight Years Later


Nearly eight years ago, I started a journal to celebrate my fifth decade of existence.  The theme was to create lists of fifty.  I don’t think any of them were ever completed.  

And then I remembered a fifty that has since been completed.  My wife, son and I have been to all fifty states together.  The story has been told before, but is always worth restating. 

We each served in the Air Force ~ for twenty years each  ~  until we were retirement eligible.  During those two overlapping decades, we traveled. Looking back, there were forty six states been to with four states remaining.  The four final states were Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii. 

Washington and Alaska  were completed in 2009. (Due to my failure to adequately plan, we could have tagged Oregon on this trip, but it turned out better that we didn’t). 

Oregon and Hawaii were tagged in 2013 as part of our 30th anniversary travels.  That trip was two weeks of busy. Maine > Washington > day trip to and from Oregon > Kona, Hawaii > Oahu > Kaui > Phoenix > Tucson > Maine.  Bag trags, hotel rooms, rental cars, airline terminals – seemed to be alway on the move to the next space. But there were interludes of beach time, peace and quiet, relaxing serenity, joy. 

So, that is my fifty.  A list completed with many more spaces in between to go back to. And eight years later, the other fifty list journal is in the top center desk drawer. Perhaps it is time to revisit, to reflect, to scheme and remember to dream. 



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