2016 Cape Breton Island Day One

Thursday, September 1, 2016

This was day one of two travel days. Destination, Fundy National Park, New Brunswick. By the end of the day, we drove a one day record for us, 425 miles. This will not be the norm for us, but this was a designated travel day.

We only got ‘lost/misdirected’once, in Houlton, Maine. I inadvertently put a kink in the route when I was using an online route planning service.  Several possible routes were reviewed from a timing, easy of travel and mileage perspective.  Pure highway miles were only subtly longer but way more efficient from a timing perspective.  It’s that whole stop and go thing.  Anyway, the kink led us into and out of Houlton, then into the middle of nowhere we needed to be. Lesson learned – at transition points in the planning, get out of the macro and look at the critical details.  The RV was U-turned for the second time that day (the first was for a small town fuel stop), and we got to the border crossing.

The border crossing, one gate of four was opened. This gate was a 3 meter gate, the RV needs at least 4 meters. So we drove over and upto the unmanned 5 meter gate. Traffic stacked up for the other singular gate.  Over the course of the next 15 minutes, all gates were manned, we were vouch saved and were back on our way.

Through one multiple kilometer long, with little observable activity, construction zone, the orange plastic safety poles were displaced. Typically placed in the construction zone for safe travel in a lane, these were offset into the travel lane. So a few were whacked before I set the rig closer over to the crumbling pavement on the far left. Mild damage to the coach, a strip of sheet metal by the steps.

Weather was good for most of the trip, then started detoriating on the run into Fundy NP. The last thirty minutes were spent on a twisting turning, up and over 338M two lane road.  This was when the wet roads, turned into drizzle, then rain, then torrential tropical downpour rain with theatrical thunder and lightning.  We made it safe and sound anyways.

We have always wanted to see Hopewell Rocks, so took off in the car.  Only to find they weren’t conveniently nearby.  (Better planning opportunity!). So after fifteen miles of dashing in Smoke (2015 Subaru Forester), we saw an Eagle dining on roadkill.  The Eagle was an exciting surprise, so we turned back for photography.

The light was lousy. IPad Lightroom saved the day by teasing out the images.  Back to camp for dinner.
Day two will be the dash to Cape Bretton island.  What adventures will be next?


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