2016 Cape Breton Island continued

Looks like we made and then some. 

This has been an awesome trip so far. Arrival, sunrises, night photography, persistent scenic vistas, day long day-trips and more.  

This post is only a top level summary.  Once we get back, time will be spent assembling and posting a complete picture album on our Flickr account.  (Not everything belongs on FaceBook.)

Day Two – second travel day.  Another misdirect as we came across the causeway/bridge. I turned prematurely and we ended up in trailer park, several miles up the road. Smoke the toad was disconnected, GetAway turned around, Smoke the toad reconnected and we continued onward to the day’s destination. That being the North Sydney KOA overlooking the scenic Seal Island Bridge.  

The site itself is huge, but seems a bit soft. This amplifies the need to bring our own jack pads.  So noted and purchase priority adjusted. 

Dinner was at a clean neighborhood bar in North Sydney.  

Day One on the ground.  There are five  scenic tourist trails on CBI.  The first one taken was the Bras D’Or Lake trail.  CBI has several large lakes, colloquially called inland seas.  The trail itself, on the map, follows the shore.  But as is typical, private residences occupy the space between the road and the shore.  Glimpses between were infrequent and shore access points were rare.  Still, a very nice ride about. Lunch was at on old church in Iona.  The daily feature was a tasty Whistle Pig special — a hot dog with cheese, bacon, a bit too much relish and mustard. 

From here it was off to the island’s only Estate Vineyard ~ Eileanan Breagha (Ay-len-an  Bree-ah) remotely located in Marble Mountain.  The GPS was unable to find the address, so we relied on the written description and took off for what became miles on back dirt roads.  Then a bridge was out, adding more miles on back dirt roads. Finally, we arrived after nearly missing the unsigned road that dashed up the side of Marble Mountain.

It may technically be an estate vineyard while their story tells of a restart in progress.  Credit is given for persistence. Style remains an in-progress improvement opportunity. May they continue to thrive during their resurrection.  Two bottles of red were bought for on island consumption.  (Pesky border crossing restrictions based upon ancient and archaic prohibition rum running days).

I nearly forgot, first sunrise was awesome and the visit from a seal while watching the sunrise was an unexpected treat. 



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