2016 Cape Breton Island – Sunday

Recap so far. Thursday and Friday were travel days. Saturday was the Lake Scenic Drive.  That makes Sunday the Celidh (pronounced kay-lee) scenic drive.  An overland route started the day. Instead of taking the paved route, we chose the back/dirt road route, less traffic, slower pace and ease for slowing & stopping for photography. We were not disappointed.

This scenic vista, a solitary church, was along the way to Glencoe. We have been to the other Glencoe, the one in Scotland. The Scottish Glencoe was where the code of was violated and broken. That was our 25th anniversary trip. The memory is haunting.

The CBI Glencoe seems to have quietly reset the code.  The sense of place was peaceful, serene and inviting, certainly worth the overland journey away from hustle and bustle of paved routes.

From there, it was on to western coast, south of Mabou.  Good access to the coast, like too many coasts, is not as plentiful as is needed.  Good on the folks who share the views, above which Eagles soar ~ we saw several.  Close enough to see the tell tale flashes of white head and tail feathers.  To far away for decent photography.  The mind will always remember.

Lunch was at the Red Shoe Pub in Mabou along the way to Glenora, the only single malt distillery in North America.  A pleasant place with tasty food – 5 stars on the Facebook review.

The Red Shoe Pub has become a kind of “home away from home” for many locals and visitors over the years. After a brief closing, the Red Shoe Pub was bought by the Rankin family and was reopened in 2005.We look forward to seeing you this summer at”The Shoe” for good food, drinks and great music!



The legend is right, after two+ decades of trials & tribulations, Glenora has carved out their space in the local and regional single malt market.  Their story is one of persistence. Imagine a business model where it takes ten years to release the first product.  They persevered and deserve their niche in the market for world class single malt.

After the tour & testing, it was on to the beach at Inverness.

Another delightful day was enjoyed.



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