2016 Cape Breton Island Reflections & Revelations

The Cabot Trail from The Skyline Trail

Today is Friday, the day of rest.  The original scope of this trip was to visit Nova Scotia (NS).  NS is huge with several obvious regions.  The scope was readjusted from the whole province to just one region ~ Cape Breton Island (CBI).  CBI is a large island!  

After two travel days, with some rain, side winds, hills and bouts of significant traffic,  we arrived at the North Sydney KOA, our base of operations for the upcoming week of daily road trips.  The island is divided into scenic tourism trails. These serve as a good planning guide for the daily road trips. 


  • Saturday: Bras D’or Lake trail: Occassional scenic vistas, bridge, lunch in Iona and off to the Eileanan Brèagha Vineyards is the first and only estate winery on Cape Breton Island.  This destination turned the day trip into an odyssey.  The route from Iona is primarily on dirt roads with pot holes, swerves and other expectations.  The unexpected was the closed bridge/detour which sent us way up almost to pavement and back down on dirt roads again. Then the long ride back to base camp.
  • Sunday: The Celidh, pronounced (kay-lee) trail.  First pavement and then deliberately chosen dirt roads. Scenic destinations along the way included Glencoe, the remote coast south of Mabou, lunch at the Red Shoe Pub, single malt tasting at Glenora, and toe dipping at the Inverness beach. 
  • Monday: Day one on The Cabot Trail.  The intention was Whale Watching out of Ignonish, but off shore winds and waves nixed those plans.  So it was off to the Cabot Trail along the way to Meat Cove ~ the end of the road at the top of CBI. Coastal vistas & villages along the way, through a mountain pass from the inland to the coast, and more dirt road, hills & turns. It was worth it, the remote vista overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and no place left to go forward. So we turned back anyways for lunch and completion of our first orientation trip around the rest of The Cabot Trail.   
  • Tuesday: The Marconi/Fluer de Lis trail: Through Sydney proper to score a picture of The Great Fiddle at the cruise ship  terminal.  Then off to the coast to watch the Newfoundland ferries depart/arrive – passing each other in the outer harbor. A coastal harbor defense/war memorial site. Windmills paired with a power plant and to the first destination/disappointment — The Marconi Site visitor center closed the day before for the season. BUMMER. A quick walk around the grounds, lunch in Glacé Bay and down towards the Fortress of Louisburg.  The Atlantic coast was typically foggy. Arrived too late in the day for a bus tour down to the fort, we went through the deserted tourist town of Louisburg and went out to the lighthouse for some foggy photography of the lighthouse, shore and thrashing waves. 
  • Wednesday: After several longer, but necessary day trips, we stayed closer to base camp for the day, relatively speaking. Highlights include the Alexander Graham Bell museum in Baddeck, the salmon hatchery over towards Margharee, an organic brew pub for some tasty tastings.
  • Thursday: The Cabot Trail redux.  The argument is, which way is the best way to drive The Cabot Trail.  The best answer is both ways! So we went back the other way and saw the trail from the other perspective.  The bonus event for this day was hiking The Skyline Trail.  Lunch on the road and home again.
  • Friday. That’s today.  Perhaps lunch over in Sydney.  Time will be spent getting the coach ready for the two day return trip on Saturday and Sunday.

Every picture tells a story. Early on in this trip, I did spend some time posting an album up on Facebook.  Those are the preliminary photographs only.  With two cameras clicking away, time will be spent selecting and processing the best for an album to be posted on Flickr.  Why Flickr? broader audience v the deleted audience of Facebook.  

Last night, my phone rang. I receive very few calls, so took this one. It was our RV Winter Storage guy, calling to get our intentions for winter storage. Since we are still working, the coach goes into hibernation from late October to early May. The ideal winter storage destination will be warmer climes, but we are not there yet. 

However, there is one final trip to be taken. In a month, we will be at Schoodic Woods campground in Acadia National Park.

YMWV – thank you for reading and stay tuned for more Getaway Chronicle. 



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