RV Anxiety 

Getaway on Cape Breton Island

I’m an RV’er and I suffer from RV Anxiety. This affliction is caused by hoping that this complex system gets from point A to B without experiencing a catastrophic event.  The tires, the engine, the slides and the everything else could fail at the most inconvenient moment, at the furthest possible distance from convenient resolution. 

Is there enough fuel in the tank to get to the next refueling opportunity? Will there be adequate driving space at the fuel stop?  My inner voice of conspiracy theory says that everyone else will selfishly deny me the space needed. Their inner voice of WTH wonder why I am denying them safe access to the pumps while topping of with 60+ gallons of fuel.  Right now, this is big whopping creature due to trying to get into, through and out of Canada without a fuel stop.  Poor planning causes anxiety. 

Is the next site truly RV capable?  Every site that says they are may not be until proven otherwise.  This is based on an experienced sample size of once, nearly twice. 

Will the tires not fail catastrophically?  The left sides were slightly down last night. When topping them off, at first, no air was being accepted.  Why?  I forgot to turn the air on at the connection, one simple right angle turn would have prevented that outburst of Now What?

The route itself is reasonably stable. My challenge will to be not driving from behind.  My inner voice of courtesy screams, get out of the way of others, quit holding up traffic!  That mostly happened on the next to last leg inbound, a significant side wind and the alternating 1-2 lanes of passing were wearing at the end of along travel day.

Long travels – split them into two segments.  Not 60% first on Day One and then 40% to get there on Day Two. Too late, reservations made. 

This one became more real than ever expected.  Stay Tuned for Fail Safe.


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