via Daily Prompt: Bounty

Bounty is overrated.

Its is to easy to have more than too much.  But the stuff shows up anyways. And sometimes never goes away, until after  The End.  Despite expressed intentions that become untruths.   Clutter is consumed bountiful consumption. On this day of anyways, the problem is celebrated, excessively. I’m old enough to have become a curmudgeon and wear the badge wit bountiful pride. For I have been there, will go there, but this time to somewhere else. Are you following me?  You should or shouldn’t since this sublime sentiment is making you feel unsettled.   You already have enough from yesterday, but do you have enough for tomorrow? Zing That Pang Off Missed Good Intentions.  I’ll be better tomorrow we say.  There is no tomorrow so why even bother having enough for then.   There, question asked and rationalization provided.  I know what today is, but don’t celebrate it for the spiritual essence meant for others but not myself.   I should go now.  And you should not have read this.



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