The Gray Shades in Between Black & White

Littlejohn Island on Casco Bay, Maine.

A walk through the woods. This was my first time here, on land.  Years ago, I kayaked down the Royal River to circumnavigate Cousins & Little Johns islands. Circumnavigated sounds so much better than go around.  But around we went. And now I have been back to the land’Ho side.

This is for a weekly photograph challenge titled Paths.  There are many thoughts,cliches and quotes about paths – blaze your own, don’t follow-lead, et al. So here is one quote, just because that’s what you do on the path of blogging.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.  Ralph Waldo Emerson


My life paths, trails and passages have been different, long and varied.  Much like many one else’s.  Here is another one from another Yankee…..

Miles to go before I sleep. Robert Frost.

One can only hope for many miles to go before the final sleep.  Today’s path hasn’t been decided yet.  One choice is blaze my own snowshoe path out the back door, through the woods and to the nearby remote & rural wilderness RunAround Pond . This is an ideal adventure because I can pretty guarantee that I will see no one else – either physical presence or foot prints in the snow.  OR I can go where others may already be – the nearby corridor bath between a state park and not adjacent public lands.

It’s good to have choices and it is time to start.


The backdoor option was chosen.  The current snowcover is about one foot, deep enough for post holding with out snowshoes and dense enough to be broken for next time. No snowshoeing happened last year. Since then, additional lots have sold in this rural subdivision with several under active construction. Two are on the now former path to the pond.  Every attempt was made to go in a good direction but I ended up off by about a quarter of a mile once the shore of the pond was reached.  By now the trail breaking was turning from path breaking into snow slogging.   Overall, it was a great workout, as all snowshoeing always is.

Be your own path.    Take your own path.  The mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual workout will be good for you.



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