The Hidden Mind

How many triangles do you see?  2, 6 or 8?  Maybe more, could be less.  How many triangles do you see?

The Unseen, daily blog post challenge from WordPress.    OED defines the word as ‘not seen or noticed’.  In some ways, especially the not noticed is kind of sad.

The Hidden Mind.  You probably reading this on a smart device – phone, tablet or desktop computer.  If you don’t have one of those, or aren’t subscribed to the Maine Forest Cafe, then these words themselves are unseen to you. You don’t know what your missing.

That smart device has a hidden brain with two minds.  The first mind is the operating system, doing the necessary housekeeping tasks for efficient, seamless & unseen operation. Detecting user inputs, providing outputs and sustaining wireless network connectivity. Applications, aka apps, are the second seen mind.  Apps selection is under the control of the you the user. This hidden brain is continually updated by human programmers. Sometimes the entire operating system is removed and replaced.  Other times, the OS is patched to repair glitches or upgraded to improve performance.  Same thing with the apps, continual improvement in cyber thinking.

We also have a hidden brain with two minds.  The first mind is the operating system, it keeps us breathing, the heart beating and a myriad of hidden mindless tasks. Imagine having to think to walk, talk, see, taste and hear.  These things just happen.  Our hiddden is our thinking, feeling and creative self. Deliberate actions and choices.  Read this book, write that blog, take that picture.  Buy stuff like food, vehicles, houses, et al and et al and et al. Our unseen brain doesn’t get programmed replacement and/or updates.  Firmware updates are not probable. It just is.  Not so with our seen brain. We do think, albeit at different things and different levels.  We can change this mind. Reading, writing and rehearsal.  Every day can be better than every yesterday.

The answer to the question is there are no real triangles. Your brain may have chosen to create imaginary lines when in fact none exist.  The question primed your brain. The implied answer of 2, 6 or 8 created a challenge.  Don’t always believe in your hidden brain.



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