Kind Hearted Seriousness

Everything done with a sense of seriousness needs to be done with a kind heart. That being said, living life is usually all knotted up, like the apple tree in the picture. Paths wander, diverge, cross over and overlap. Your path is not my path and generally speaking, there are few common paths.  Most diverge at different points throughout all the moments that lived.

That being said, the less I write, the more I can’t write at all.  I tried to approach a topic on the other blog. The theme of friction of the mind needs to be taken seriously, written with seriousness, but I could not develop a serious cogent theme throughout. Instead, it is a vomited blog of sort of similar stuff.  

So, do I want to blog with seriousness – or something else.  Like to many other things, time will either tell or remain silent. 



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