There is enough

The voices of the past endlessly echo.  Sometimes so much that the present and the future become silent.  

In this picture, taken at the shores of Schoodic Head, the seemingly calm ocean beyond thrashes and thunders against the solid granite shore. Boom-exhale-inhale-Boom.  The calm becomes the Boom. 

Listen and silent are the same six letters. Remember that.  One cannot listen when one is not silent.  

There is enough silence between the exhale-inhale for listening to voices within. Come to terms with cannot be changed – become your own solid granite shore.  

Healing is changing. Exhaling eliminates exhausted toxins. Inhaling brings in the vital essence needed for one more moment of life.   

When one is alone, there is more than enough oxygen for healing.  When there are more, the toxic exhalations contaminate, pollute, impede & delay.  The quiet echos are no longer heard – having become silent.  

Find time to be alone.

Be alone to heal.

Be Better Today. 



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