What’s the big deal?

Thirty five years ago, I was on my own.  Heading down a singular path.  Once again, on my own, and that was okay again. The year or two before had become destructively constructive. 

Tenacious teaches lessons. Specifically, holding true & dear to what one wants to believe to become mutually & beneficially true. 

There is no need in any one relationship for one to triumph over any one other. There is space for advantageous coexistence. 

Nearly thirty-four years ago, I walked down, with the forever love of my life, through a path in the Sonoran Desert to a stone altar in front of a wooden cross. We vowed our mutual love, commitment & allegiance to each other. 

That vow has survived the rigorous tests & stresses of military service.  We each independently swore an oath to serve, protect & defend the security of the greater We The People.  It could be said that this was difficult, only it was not.  Indeed, it was easy despite of the perceived challenges. 

We will always love each other. To beyond death do us part. 



2 thoughts on “What’s the big deal?

  1. 33 years ago my husband and I exchanged vows and have fallen even more in love along our journey. i couldnt imagine life without him 😍🐻

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