On The Road Again 

Lobsters to go at the Portland, Maine JetPort. 

The purpose of this trip is private but I intend to live blog when opportunities for comment and/or compliment are presented.  

Compliment #1: I made the TSA hostess burst into a giggling fit.  When using the iPad boarding pass, it blinked green and I exclaimed with enthusiasm, “It Likes Me!”  

We are flying Delta this trip. They have been news silent so I look forward to another drama free flight.  Going first class always helps. 

Even in, or especially in, the airport, there are some people not of this world.  What if I’m one of them?

The lonelyness of a cancelled flight. 

And our chariot has arrived. 

And the one carrying-on / check you bags at the gate chattering has begun.  

And the train whistle has blown signaling ALL ABOARD!

It’s time to fly high & run silent.  

Wifi at 33k ASL. 

Arrived 45 minutes early, only to pause at the gate. 



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