Life is Art

Life is art, so it is said. I imagine myself as a writer with words & light.  This is different from authors who publish and artists who work on paid commisssion. The author/artist have a commercially valuable imagination. This talent is then used to create value added context.  Their success is based upon fertile imaginaryism. 

Imaginary: Existing only in the imagination: The faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. Form: Style, design, and arrangement in an artistic work as distinct from its content. 

Imaginary happens in the mind. The mind resides in the brain. Our stream & scream of consciousness is evident only to ourselves, based upon our filters, fears, biases and former experiences.  

Art attempts to transcend individual imaginations through collective and shared expression. While still, the shared conversation/dialogue starts with;  “what does that picture mean to you?”, “what in that book spoke to you?

Robert Indiana created the work of art presented above. It”s called Love Wall and is displayed at the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine.  What I see in this expression of art is love four way. The lower left is obvious, the lower right is the reversed/mirror image.  The top is the bottom upside down.   <yes, I typed that out loud> To me, this means that love is both reflective and capable of turning the world upside down. 

Our emotions are imaginary. They exist in the mind, cloud or enlighten the soul, but are never fully visible or adequately expressed.  Be careful with what you create in your imagination. 

From the house at the edge of the forest. 



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