Almost Gone

Instead of cropping this picture into a more natural and pleasing presentation, it is presented as a full total shot. 

Total is for all of it, why leave anything out when everything belongs in.  All belongs there, both occupied space and empty/emptied space. 

The man began his day without. Every day starts well before it ends and is added to it continually. Until the other end. The day is then all it will be and then no more.  Nonsensical. 

The path does not need to be clean or clear, take the options, or as Robert Frost has done, the path less taken. It’s okay to get lost alone and along the way.  Only then will the full richness of the unknown may be discovered. 

Don’t be in hurry to have it all. After the final chapter is always the next chapter. 

The man walked on. The day became cooler. The total exposure before for the house is now nearly totally shaded by the trees that were planted nearly two decades ago.   

Let it go again daily. 



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