Nibble Gobble Chew

Who remembers this?
Though her words are simple and few

Listen, listen, she’s calling to you

Feed the birds, tuppence a bag

Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag
It’s from the 1964 movie ~ Mary Poppins and was sung by Julie Andrews. 

Bird feeding and watching remains a popular activity. More so in rural areas, towns & village v the large unnaturally sterile inner city. But then, as I type this, I think of feeding pigeons. So maybe my biased supposition is inaccurate. 

This is a hairy downy woodpecker at the suet in the backyard. A brick of suet has the typical lifespan of several days.  It feeds a number of species – all three local woodpeckers, blue jays, grackles, a red-winged blackbird, chickadees, et al and then some.  The northern cardinals and mourning doves prefer the platform feeder visible to the left.   

The local red and gray squirrels would love to get into the main bird feeders. But them, along with the raccoons are destructive, hence the light brown post shield visible in the picture to the right. So for fun, every now and then, I’ll set the ladder up with a cup of sunflower seeds to bait them into some playful pictures.  Normally, the squirrels, raccoons and skunk feast at the seed droppings below the feeder.  To discourage the skunk, after a miserable episode back in May, the seed droppings are cleaned up at least weekly.

Finally, and without direct proof, a bear may have strolled through earlier this week.  A neighbors feeding station – metal pole, was bent, molested and destroyed. At thisfeeder, a mesh bag of thistle feed disappeared the same overnight. The next morning, when letting ZeusOS – the wonder dog out – he was visibly nervous & agitated, most likely from sniffing the scents from a bear passing through.  Again, no direct proof, only one perturbed yellow Labrador retriever.  

Feed the birds, tuppence a bag. 



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