2017 RVing – Not So Much

There sits GETAWAY, not moving so much this season. Other stuff has gotten in the way. The kind of obligations that takes precedence over all other opportunities.

Even the one trip we made had its challenges.  The decision to replace the pair of 12VDC lead acid batteries with a pair of 6VDC golf cart batteries just didn’t work out. IF there had been room for four golf cart batteries and an appropriate charging system, things would have worked out differently.  Instead, a new pair of 12 VDC of the AGM variety.

So now that has been done, A trip is planned for this weekend. Last weekend was the monthly check ride. Which may or may not have revealed a compressed air system. AC1 – the primary tank – had fluctuating air pressure. Not much, but an issue of concern as stable air pressure is  essential for road safety – aka braking.  Other symptoms include the air dump. One tank was full, the other tank was empty.   Not good.

As with most opportunities to learn more, posts were made on the IRV2.com forums.  One in the Winnebago forum, the other in the Freightliner forum.  Good advice, as always, was received.

So tomorrow, it goes to the nearby Freightliner chassis service center.  Hopefully the issue is quickly resolved and this weekend’s nearby trip will continue.  IF not, hopefully the repair will restore reliability & confidence for next month’s essential road trip.

As always, stay tuned.


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