Just Getting Here

Wow & we made it!

The rig went in for unscheduled maintenance on Thursday. AC1 – the main air compressor tank suffered from fluctuating pressures. It would fill to 120 PSI and then drop back to 100 PSI, fill to 120 PSI and drop back to 100 PSI….. Not stable enough for extended road worthiness. Even the trip to the nearby Freightliner service center was a concern. I'm glad that it would fail safe, but who really wants the brakes to lock up while in motion? Yeah, me neither.


The Freightliner maintenance crew quickly troubleshot and repaired the root causes. Two failing quick disconnects on the main air tank, and a failed O Ring on the air dryer. Then they identified an issue of concern – the transmission fluid was leaking – why? – because when the transmission fluid was changed earlier this spring, the filter o-ring wasn't installed and the fluid was overfilled. Conversation pending with that service provider. For this season, it is on the Watch List. Only have 500 scheduled miles left to go before winter storage. (How sad is that?)

GetAway was brought home, quick packed and we departed for this nearby destination – Poland Springs Campground. What a wonderful place. Big site, easy access – backed into, and fully shaded. Feet down, slides out, water & electrical connections made. Followed by deep relaxation. Getting here was a necessary nuisance, but was well worth the journey.

There seem to be a lot of seasonal campers here – perfectly understandable. IF we were seasonal campers, this would be an ideal place. There are also a lot of good open sites for traveling RV'ers. A very good blend. Experience has shown that the seasonal campers usually get the best sites and travelers get what is left. This is not the case here.

See the Eagle Blog for bonus material.

Plans for this weekend? Read, maybe write, & burn some firewood.



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