Can this really be true?

Since this appeared on the internet, it must be true! Let's take a brief walk through time.

Maine Forest Cafe is my first and longest lasting blog.

It was followed by Maine HR Cafe.

At the time, I was trying to establish a Maine <word goes here> Cafe theme.

Along that theme, I might still have the rights to Maine Photo Cafe. That was my attempt to commercialize my own brand of photARTgraphy on SmugMug. After two years of paid subscriptions later & zer0 sales, the effort was abandoned. That name moved into my FaceBook presence and enjoys occasional fits of picture posting. Truth be told, it takes a lot of marketing to commercialize.

Maine HR Cafe transitioned to Wicked Good HR.

Blogging is a way to tiptoetyping through thinking and thoughts. Not all the best thoughts escape through the fingers. It also takes time, which is not always available, sometimes other obligations do take precedence.

Now is a good time, we are at the Poland Springs Campground on the scenic shores of Range Pond. Sitting outside with a cup of coffee, iPad with Brydge keyboard, and ZeusOS – the wonderful dog – at my feet.

Maine Forest Cafe is in the midst of a transition to being my RV blog. Resources, an RV Blog Roll, trips, lessons learned & lessons to be learned. Other travels will make occasional appearances as well.

At this time, special thanks need to be given to the great folks at My blogging started on a Windows PC. Along the way, the hardware has progressed to include an Apple iMac, several iterations of the Apple iPad, and the Apple iPhone. A blog can be started on either of the four platforms and finished on another.



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