Too Many Photos

And all have been neglected over the accumulation of time. Why? Because I don’t take the time to truly learn. Instead, I rely on the falsehood of intuitive intellectual intelligence. Only that in and of itself is its own falsehood.

It’s time to do some different. Eliminate the digital clutter, keep the gems and then go back to make the gems better.

Workflow is key. I’ll be working in the left side of Lightroom – one month at time.

1. Create by month folders.

2. Move pictures into the right month.

3. Keywords (on the right side).

4. Collections on the left.

It’s time to get started

2003 done: Tent trailer camping, Thor Tres Thunder, house projects – garage mud porch, kayaking, geocaching

2004 done: HR4US, Porch, Salem, Philadelphia, Grandparent birthday, Durham, Family, Olympics of the Mind, Porch Project, Boston Aquarium, High School Graduation, New Orleans, Atlanta, Bass Harbor, South Arm



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