Just When

Time ultimately and always curves to return. Whether it be an orbit, a clock face or a circumference, the beginning and the end are the always in the same place.

Just when you think you are somewhere else along the path, you really have not moved yet. To tell a story, think once upon a time.

The oak tree is that story, Once upon a time there was an overlooked fallen acorn. Many of the other acorns had been either gathered for later, or consumed for right now. Not this fallen acorn. The snows of winter came to cover the ground, hiding it. Spring came, the melting snow yielded to warming showers, softening the shell, encouraging the acorn to sprout. Some of the sprouts grasped downward into the earth to anchor the upward, reaching for the sun, sprouts.

The earth turned day to night, to summer, fall, winter, then spring. Time curved, the oak tree stretched even more. Just then, one more, just when it was time, Finite Became Forever Again.



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