Gone Away 2017

Well, the end of the 2017 season was today. GetAway was delivered to winter quarters today for a seven-month hibernation.

There were two short trips – Meadowbrook in Phippsburg & Poland Spring Campground, in Poland. The one long trip was to Eastport. So it is now official, GetAway did not cross the state line. What does this mean? It means that we didn’t get out enough this year.

We did go to other places by other means. One pure airline round trip. One Hail Mary fly/drive then drive/fly trip. & then a drive/drive stay drive/drive trip. Entire states crossed without our feet touching the ground.

So now what? The off season will be spent researching & learning the engine, Chassis & coach systems inside & out. The purpose of this didactic exercise will be to develop confidence through competence. Why I should be doing as the owner/operator v what should be outsourced to a higher authority.

A parallel output will be the development of an RV blog to both chronicle and become a resource.

Stay Tuned.



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