Just Drive

We The People are actually pretty quiet on the vehicle horns.  Extraordinary polite patience is evident in most places and cases.  There are times when a blast on the horn is needed and necessary.  img_4944-2

One traditional use is the blast of the ship’s horn in either foggy conditions or as a last call to board before departure.  Trains are required to vigorously sound the horn at both guarded, under-guarded and unguarded crosses.

Perhaps my perspective is either pessimistic,  naive, or influenced by the pleasant essence that is Maine.  Even periods of traffic congestion are pleasantly silence.

That said, there are times when a blast on the horn is needed.  Typically, the driver at the green light, who is deep in either thought (maybe), or deeply distracted by a digital device in hand.  Then, an extended BRATTTTTTT on the horn is necessary to bring the driver back into abrupt reality.

Remember, when you get behind the wheel, Just Drive.



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