Of The Mind

What if there is no reality, only abstracthoughts? That is because there is no true shared reality, only observations offset by differenthoughts.

Think that one through for now, then remember it forever. We allow ourselves to be constrained by group consensus and naturally reject that which fails to fit the greater good.

But wait, there may be more.

There are two pair of footwear on my vintage desk chair. Do they belong there or in the closet, in a row, with the placement of each show matched to the offsetting biological pairing of my feet. Try this thought experiment in reality, place the right shoe on the left and the left shoe on the right. Say nothing and see what may be said.

Gremlins represent abstract reality. They exist just outside of authentic reality and are thoughthieves. Ever mindful, they prey on lapses of mindfulness. Gremlins are the one who misplace keys and spend time looking for the glasses you are wearing. Gremlins are the reason that usernames, passwords and password vault apps exist.



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