GetAway 2018 PreSeason

Here it sits, again, in longer term winter storage. Preserved from the harsh corrosive elements, unable to go away to places imagined, yearning to be free, and waiting to rumble down the road.

This was an expensive preseason. All six tires were replaced with new Michelin XRVs. These big rig tires ain’t cheap. Then the annual inspection and servicing. Service providers were changed. Instead of the truck center associate with an RV dealership, GetAway had a spa day at Freightliner of Maine. The difference in the depth of the quality of service was amazing. Oil change, transmission flush and fill, stem to stern servicing and coach AC repair.

All done just in time for a road trip to Downeast Maine. (That will be reported on in another post.) It is now being tended to by a local independent RV service center. The awning arms need to be replaced and steps repaired.

None of this is unexpected. The 2008 coach and chassis is eleven years old. Stuff wears out.



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