Schoodic Woods Campground

Third time really is a charm. Schoodic Woods Campground (SWC) has now been opened for three years. We have had reservations twice before, but due to circumstances, have had to cancel them at the last minute.

We knew what we were missing. Last fall we stayed at the micro Main Stay RV park in nearby Winter Harbor. Close but not the real thing.

What we like best is that this is not a commercial campground. Commercial campgrounds typically include the following necessary amenities – pool, playground, arcade, rec room, restrooms, showers, laundry rooms, perhaps cable tv, et al. They do fill a valuable space in the campground economy. The commercial campgrounds are definitely tilted to crowded (and loud) family camping. And that is okay, we too have been there and done that.

SWC offers large uncrowded sites. Ours was a massive 122 foot long RV pull through site with 50 A electric and water. There was 40 feet of forested vegetation separating the sites to our right and left. Yes, we could see the RVs, but only partially. One of the after dark rule was no bright party lights. The intent is to enable dark sky viewing. (I’ll bet moonless, cloudless nights show off the Milky Way.)

SWC represents the quiet side of Acadia National Park. Instead of the busyness of Cadillac Mountain, there is the solitude of Schoodic Head. Instead of the crowded & spectacular Thunder Hole, there is Schoodic Point – this is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Maineland (sic) with spectacular thundering waves. A unique feature at Schoodic Point is the black dikes of magma streaking through the typical Acadia pink granite.

The bottom line is that Schoodic Woods Campground represents a serene & tranquil sanctuary away from the hustle & bustle of daily life and living. Go there, but make reservations first.



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